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Regenerative Medicine Specialist (Dr. Michael Aziz)

Michael Aziz, MD

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Regenerative medicine is a new buzzword in the medical field. There is a lot of new research on the potential for adult stem cells — most notably a subtype known as either mesenchymal stem or mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) — to mitigate the effects of spinal cord injury, stroke, and other neurological trauma. It is hypothesized, that these cells were repairing tissue by means of secreted factors. Today, the evidence points strongly to exosomes — a class of tiny membrane bubbles known more generally as extracellular vesicles, which routinely bud off from cells and carry within them a cornucopia of biomolecules including RNA, proteins, and lipids. To learn more about what Michael Aziz, MD, can do for you call the office or book an appointment online today at the office located in the Manhattan and Midtown East area. 

How do Stem Cells and Exosome Work?

The human body is specially equipped to heal itself, and regenerative therapies tap into this powerful ability. Regenerative medicine includes treatments like

  1. Exosome therapy 
  2. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy 
  3. Stem cells 

Research around these therapies shows a promise in treating a wide range of musculoskeletal pain conditions. Michael Aziz, MD, is proud to bring the latest in regenerative medicine to patients in Manhattan, the Hamptons, and Miami. 

Stem Cells Versus Exosomes

Stem Cells are a special type of cell found in the body. They’re unique because they can become any type of cell, and they act as both building blocks and repair mechanisms in your body. Exosomes are extracellular vesicles, which is the medical term for tiny bubbles that are released from stem cells. Exosomes carry genetic information and proteins to cells throughout your body, and they create paths for communication between cells.  In stem cell therapy, donor stem cells are placed in your body to replace and repair diseased cells. Stem cells grow and divide for a long time, so treatment gets your body started on the healing process, and then it continues to create healthier cells over time. Unlike stem cell therapy, exosome therapy doesn’t involve using donor cells in your body. Instead, exosomes are extracted from donated human mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and sterilized.

The exosome solution contains valuable lipids, messenger-RNA, micro-RNA, signaling cytokines, and proteins. Exosome therapy can be administered through intravenous (IV) therapy or direct injection in the treatment area like in the knees. Exosomes are powerful elements that can restore cells throughout your body. They enhance cell-to-cell communication, which is essential for overall cell health. 

Compared to adult stem cells, exosomes contain nearly three times the amount of growth factors. More growth factors mean a better ability to restore and revitalize target cells.

The Benefits of Exosome Therapy

Exosome therapy is a highly targeted, flexible treatment for conditions like chronic pain, osteoarthritis, and musculoskeletal injuries. Genetic disorders, chronic and degenerative diseases, and the natural aging process can all inhibit your cells’ ability to communicate. Exosome therapy improves the communication channels between cells to stimulate healing.

For example, osteoarthritis is an extremely common degenerative joint condition. Exosome therapy supports healing by providing the additional information from younger cells that your body needs. We can inject exosomes directly into knee joints to help with arthritis pain. 

ODr. Aziz uses the highest quality exosome therapy. He uses Kimera labs. He can inject them into the face for a total facial rejuvenation with microneedling. He can inject in the joints for arthritis. Or he can be give them intravenously for total body rejuvenation and anti-aging. 


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