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Confidential STD Testing Specialist (Dr. Mary Chaglassian)

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When it comes to your sexual health, it is important to choose doctors who are experienced not only in diagnosing and properly testing for common and less common sexually transmitted diseases but who can also treat some of the most complex STDs in both men and women. Dr. chaglassian is a board-certified internist and a primary care doctor who treats patients in Manhattan and Midtown East area regardless of their sexual orientation. If you are concerned that you might have a sexually transmitted disease, it is important to be seen by an experienced doctor who deals with these issues.

Dr. Chaglassian practices evidence-based medicine. All care at the office is consistent with the national guidelines published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). At the office, she treats everyone with the same respect and confidentiality with a sensitive and nonjudgmental approach whether you are straight, gay or bisexual. She offers prep to prevent HIV including the new injectable Apretude. Apretude is an injectable every 2 months to prevent HIV. 

Confidential Diagnosis and Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Confidential Diagnosis and Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases for Men and Women in NYC

When it comes to your sexual health, it is important to choose a doctor who is experienced not only in diagnosing but also in treating some of the most complex STDs including those that require surgical treatment like warts removal.

Dr. Chaglassian practices evidence-based medicine.  All care provided is consistent with the national guidelines published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). She treats everyone with the same respectful and confidential approach. She is sensitive to the various and diverse needs of her patients.

Most STDS offices are not staffed by physicians and even fewer have physicians who specialize in treating patients with STDs. As a result, walk-in STDs clinics and testing centers miss up to 35 percent of all STDs. Many patients who see Dr. Chaglassian for a second opinion have not received the appropriate treatment as recommended by the most recent CDC guidelines. If you have any questions or need a second opinion, please contact her.

She routinely tests for the following sexually transmitted diseases:

  • HIV
  • Gonorrhea
  • Chlamydia 
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Molluscum
  • Mycoplasma
  • Ureaplasma
  • Trichomonas 
  • Syphilis
  • HPV testing
  • Herpes

She also checks for STDs in other areas if you were involved in oral or anal sex.

What do We Offer that is not Offered Elsewhere?

In addition to the most comprehensive STD testing, she offers preventive options such as HPV (Gardasil-9) vaccination. She uses quadrivalent Gardasil-9 which is the most potent vaccine for preventing HPV. The vaccination is a good choice for every man and woman who are at higher risk for acquiring HPV even after the age of 26.

Her treatment is based on the most recent CDC (Centers for Disease Control) recommendations.  She offers Truvada. Descovey, and Apretude as prep to prevent HIV for gay men or partners with HIV positive patients. She offers genital warts removal.

Who Gets Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

Anyone who is sexually active is at risk of getting an STD even if they are just with one partner. There are many misconceptions about who can get sexually transmitted diseases and how they are transmitted. You may think a person with many sexual partners is more likely to get an STD, but it is not true. You may get an STD in a monogamous relationship if your partner has an old infection or is cheating. Also, while it may be obvious that vaginal, oral, and/or anal sex can lead to higher transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, some STDs such as herpes or syphilis can happen by just simple skin contact. Your actual risk varies and depends on your sexual practices. 

In general, all men in New York City are at higher risk for STDs than elsewhere in the country. New York City has one of the highest rates in the country for sexually transmitted diseases.  For example, the risk of HIV in New York City is almost twice the national average and especially high for men over age 30, with the risk being persistently high for men over age 60. Gay men are especially at risk, with rates up to 10 times higher than for the rest of the population. She also offers comprehensive HIV treatment based on the latest research and guidelines from checking T cell, and viral loads and offering new injectable treatments such as Cabenuva. That’s the latest treatment injectable treatment for HIV.

A higher risk for STDs in NYC means that your sexual partners are much more likely to have an STD – another reason for regular testing.  Sometimes the question is not who you sleep with but who your sexual partners have been sleeping with.  Your risk is a factor of your exposure and the exposure of each of your sexual partners can be exponential.

A recent study of American men showed that 61% of men are seropositive for herpes, 0.7% of all men are infected with HIV, and 14% have been exposed to HPV (human papillomavirus). HPV is the cause of genital warts, oral cancer, penile cancer, cervical cancer in women, and anal cancer.

How Are STDs Transmitted?

Some sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis B are transmitted mostly through fluids exchange.  Some are sexually transmitted by skin contacts like syphilis, herpes, and HPV. Wearing a condom may decrease the risk of transmission but does not eliminate it.

What are the symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

It is important to note that many sexually transmitted diseases may not cause any symptoms or may cause them infrequently. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends STD testing for all men and women who are at risk for sexually transmitted diseases.

Common Symptoms of STDs:

  • Discharge
  • Painful Urination
  • Burning Sensation During Urination
  • Difficulty Passing Urine
  • Testicular Pain in men
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Rash

Who Should Get Tested for STDs?

All sexually active adults are advised to be tested for STDs by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  If your partner has tested positive for sexually transmitted disease, you should be tested as well. At our office, Dr. Chaglassian offers treatment of all STDs, vaginitis, UTI, prostatitis as well as the vaccination for HPV (Human Papilloma Virus)

She also offers the removal of genital warts.

  • Vaginal warts
  • Penile Warts
  • Scrotal Warts
  • Anal Wart



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