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Women's Health, And Bioidentical Hormones Specialist (Dr. Michael Aziz)

Michael Aziz, MD

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As a woman, your health needs can change significantly over time. Dr. Aziz located in Manhattan and Midtown East use the most advanced techniques to diagnose and treat women's health issues so his patients can feel confident their needs are being met at every age including the use of bioidentical hormones.  

Women's Health Q & A

What is a Women's Health Exam?

Women's health exams include all the “normal” evaluations and tests of a regular physical exam, as well as additional evaluations and tests based on a woman's unique health needs. Women's health needs evolve over time, and Dr. Aziz offers a full range of tests, treatments and health information services to ensure women get the care they need for optimal health at any age.

What Types of Tests or Health Screenings Should I Have?

Health screenings and tests play an important role in identifying risk factors and optimizing health and wellness. The tests and screenings you need will be based in part on your age, your family and personal medical history, and lifestyle factors and habits. Dr. Aziz will recommend the most appropriate tests and screenings based on the information from your exam and evaluation. In general, some of the more common tests and screenings recommended for women at different ages include:

  • cholesterol and triglyceride levels

  • blood glucose

  • pelvic cancer screening

  • breast cancer screening

  • colon cancer screening

  • bone mineral density

How Often Should I Have a Physical Exam or Checkup?

Annual physical exams are recommended as the best way to monitor your health as it changes over time, and to make sure you get the proper health screenings and tests to check for emerging risk factors or signs of disease. By having an annual exam, Dr. Aziz will have an ongoing record to compare from year to year so he can look for signs of disease in their earliest stages. Plus, an annual exam ensures you get the best care as your health needs change with age.

What Causes Irregular Periods?

Irregular periods can be caused by many factors, including pregnancy, stress, significant weight gain, fibroids, cancer, and hormonal changes. If you've been having irregular periods, you should schedule an evaluation right away to look for potentially serious possible causes.


Bioidentical Hormones 

In menapause, wowme sex hormoes decline (estrogen, progestrone, and testeorone)/. Dr. Aziz only used bioidentical hormones to help his female patients with menopause symptoms.


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