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Hair Loss Specialist (Dr. Michael Aziz)

Michael Aziz, MD

Primary Care Physician & Internist located in New York, NY

There are many treatment choices when it comes to hair loss and balding. At his  office located in Manhattan and Midtown East, Dr. Aziz doesn't just give pills such as finasteride, but he checks for the root of the problem such as thyroid issues, low vitamin D, or an excess of dihydrotestosterone. Dr. Aziz also checks for other vitamin deficiencies. He uses use a combination of treatment methods such as medications, PRP, and growth factors.  

Hair Loss

Currently, there are a few non-surgical injectable options for the treatment of hair loss. One option is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) which entails drawing up a patient’s blood and isolating the platelet-rich plasma component which is then re-injected into the patient’s scalp by a small needle. PRP is enriched for growth factors that can stimulate hair follicle growth. In many patients, PRP injection can help promote hair growth. It works best in patients who have thin (or miniaturized hairs). However, many sessions are needed. Another option that has shown some promise is microneedling, which involves using a skin roller with small needles to cause minor injuries to the skin. The growth factors released to heal these injuries have shown positive but variable results in the treatment of hair loss. Some doctors use growth factors. Again, several sessions are needed to see results.


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