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Executive Physicals Specialist ( Dr. Mary Chaglassian)

Michael Aziz, MD

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Dr.Chaglassian and her staff located in Manhattan and Midtown East help busy New York City top professionals stay on top of their healthcare needs by providing executive physicals, comprehensive physicals when they have no time to come to our office. She will come to you at work or home. 

Executive Physicals Q & A

What is an Executive Physical? 

An executive physical includes all the evaluations and testing of a traditional physical exam at our office, but the exam itself is structured at the patient's home or office to suit the busy schedules of most executives. That means that instead of having to spend valuable time scheduling tests and lab work over a protracted period, an executive physical enables you to get all your supporting lab work and testing done right away at home or at work. By consolidating all the elements of a thorough physical exam into a convenient “time slot,” busy executives can ensure they maintain optimal health without the inconvenience of multiple appointments or times to come to the office. Plus, executive physicals also focus on many of the most common issues facing executives, including the health risks associated with increased levels of stress. 

How Often Should I Have an Executive Physical?

The executive physical should be completed every year, just like a “regular” physical, so Dr. Chaglassian is able to screen for health risks and look for changes in your health that could indicate the initial stages or warning signs of serious illness or disease. Plus, since our health needs change as we get older, seeing the doctor once each year for a complete physical is the best way to make sure your health needs continue to be met over time. It includes more tests related to stressful lifestyles and the convenience that we come to you. 

What Types of Evaluations or Services are Included in an Executive Physical?

Your physical will begin with a complete personal and family medical history and a review of any concerns or symptoms you may be experiencing. A complete physical exam will provide Dr. Chglasian with the additional information she needs to determine which tests and lab work are most appropriate for you. Once your test results are back, Dr. Chaglassian will sit down with you to review those results and discuss any lifestyle changes, healthcare recommendations, or other guidance to help optimize your physical and emotional well-being. 


Are Executive Physicals Covered by Insurance? 

Unfortunately, executive physicals are not covered by most insurance plans, except for blood work-up. 


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