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Primary Care Specialist In Manhattan (Dr. Mary Chaglassian)

Michael Aziz, MD

Primary Care Physician & Internist located in New York, NY

Primary care doctors are physicians who specialize in treating adults with all sorts of illnesses. A good internist can manage 90 percent of patients' concerns before a referral is needed to a specialist. Dr. Mary Chaglassian is a top internist in Manhattan and Midtown East, and New York City according to several publications and magazines.

Dr. Chaglassian has extensive years of experience to help you with all your primary care needs in Manhattan and to be be your first stop for any health concerns. Whether it is a routine physical exam, or managing an acute or a chronic illness, Dr. Chaglassian can address a large majority of all your health care needs. Dr. Chaglassian has over 35 years experience in primary care settings and she prides herself in developing sustained relationships and partnerships with her patients to help them live healthier and better lives.   

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