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Monoclonal Antibody Therapy

Michael Aziz, MD

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This the latest novel treatment for Covid-19 infection. One drip can help a person recover from Covid-19 infection quickly. Unfortunately, due to the emergence of the novel omicron AND BA-2, many monoclonal antibodies are no longer working against these novel strains

Monoclonal Antibody Therapy Q&A

How does Monoclonal Antibody Therapy Work?

  • Monoclonal antibody infusion treatment is an effective way of treating COVID-19. The goal of this therapy is to help prevent hospitalizations, reduce viral loads and lessen symptom severity. This type of therapy relies on monoclonal antibodies. These are antibodies that are like the ones your body would naturally make in response to infection. However, monoclonal antibodies are mass-produced in a laboratory and are designed to recognize a specific component of this virus — the spike protein on its outer shell. Sotrovimav is no longer authorized for use in any state. This leaves a single post-exposure monoclonal antibody treatment, bebtelovimab. It is on backorder. We will update our website as soon as it becomes available.